Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths and requires early detection for a high chance of survival.  A screening is especially important to prevent the most serious consequence of this cancer from occurring.

The SoCal Gastro Group utilizes the latest advances in technology and practice standards.  Recommendations for screening depends on risk factors.  Patients with no risks factors are screened at the age 50.  Those with a family history of colon cancer are generally screened at age 40 or at 10 years younger than patients with current risks.

Patients with blood in stool or iron deficiency anemia require an immediate colonoscopy.  Doctors look for colon cancers by identifying polyps.   These are abnormal growths on the wall of the colon.  They consist of three categories, which include:

  • Benign – no risk of cancer
  • Precancerous – potential to become cancerous
  • Malignant – current risk of cancer

The polyp will be removed immediately during the colonoscopy.  If you believe you have experienced symptoms indicating colon cancer, please schedule a screening immediately.

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