colonoscopy santa monica

Colonoscopy examines your large intestine.  This encompasses the lowest region in the rectum to the colon on the small intestine.  This is conducted to discover early signs of cancer, which can affect the colon and rectum.  It can also diagnose anomalies such as inflamed tissue, ulcers, bleeding, and abnormal growths.

You will lie sideways on the examination table to begin the procedure.  Pain medication and mild sedatives are available to maintain comfort and minimize anxiety.  An extendible tube will be inserted into your rectum and reach the colon.  A scope located on the tube will transmit an image of the colon.  The scope is flexible and can be configured to reach small spaces.  Your body position may be adjusted to improve its mobility.

Polyps are one of the features the scope may discover as it moves through your body.  Tiny instruments are used to remove them.  The tissue containing the polyps will be transmitted to the lab for testing and review.

A colonoscopy is a 15 to 30 minute process that is performed in the most comfortable manner.  You may be required to remain at the treatment center for at least 1-2 hours until the effects of sedation wears off.

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