What is Crohn’s Disease?

One of the rare forms of IBD,  Crohn’s Disease is more difficult to diagnose. It is chronic and can effect the entire digestive tract from mouth to anus, but is more common in the lower intestine. It can also effect every layer of the bowel, not just the mucosa as in most bowel diseases.


Crohn’s is linked to the patients immune system and has been considered an autoimmune disorder. Because of that, patient’s with Crohn’s can also have troubling skin rashes and other symptoms outside of the digestive track. Another hallmark of the disease is the healthy tissue that can thrive in between the diseased portions. Because the symptoms are so broad and similar to other, more common, disorders, Crohn’s Disease can be difficult to diagnose.


Much is still to be learned about this disease, but treatments have come a long way. Most patients respond to medication and lifestyle modifications; but some will need surgery. The important message to anyone experiencing abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, diarrhea or any other lingering symptoms is to seek medical help from a trained Gastroenterologist. Call SoCal Gastro Group today for an appointment.  Why suffer any longer.

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