Diverticular disease is a frequent condition affecting over 30 million patients in the U.S.  It presents a higher risk for those who aged 40 or above.  This condition causes the appearance of sacs in the colon which balloon inside the colon wall.  They can be found anywhere in the colon, but most are located on the end of left side.

Patients with diverticular disease are recommended to maintain a high-fiber and low fat diet.  Maintaining a strict diet is helpful in preventing complications.  These include pain, fever, and bleeding. If you experience the aforementioned symptoms, please see a doctor immediately.

Diverticulitis is an inflammation or infection of the diverticulitis.  This affects a small portion of those who have been diagnosed with diverticulosis. This condition can be treated with the application of antibiotics and by adopting a low residue diet.  There can be more extreme cases that require professional treatments.

The diverticulum may also bleed.  They can be a minor occurrence or present a more serious risk.  The bleeding may also result from perforation of the diverticulum.  This causes a leak of the intestine to the abdominal cavity.  If you experience any pain that may associated with these conditions, seek treatment immediately.

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