Lynch Syndrome and Junk Food – What’s the Connection?

Lynch Syndrome and Junk Food – What’s the Connection?

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A group of researchers in the Netherlands set out to study how diet affected subjects with Lynch Syndrome. Lynch Syndrome is a genetic condition which predisposes people to development of colon cancer at a younger age. Lynch Syndrome occurs in just over 1 in 650 people and about 70% of those affected will develop colon cancer.

The study followed a group of patients that had been diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome. They asked for detailed information about food choices and broke the group into four dietary categories:

  • Predominately vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  • Heavy meat and coffee
  • Mediterranean diet – fish, leafy greens, pasta, sauces and wine
  • Fried foods and snacks, fast foods and diet soda

After factoring in smoking and other lifestyle choices, the researchers found that the junk food lovers were twice as likely to develop colon cancer than the other groups.

The results are not really a surprise – fat has always been linked with an increased risk. But, researchers caution that it is too early to issue dietary guidelines to patients with Lynch Syndrome.

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