One of the great benefits of living in the Southern California area is the access to great fresh fruit and vegetables and the abundance of opportunities to get outside and exercise. Coincidentally, that combination makes for a healthy digestive system.

The best way to avoid some of the more common problems that are treated at the SoCal Gastro Group is to prevent them from occurring.  Eating a healthy, high fiber diet that is low in saturated fat is a good place to start.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Of course, if you have been diagnosed with a specific illness and have been advised by your physician to maintain a specific diet, you should always follow your doctor’s advice.


Along with a healthy diet, exercise is foundational to a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be long hours in the gym full of high impact aerobics to be effective. Daily walks, light weight training, yoga and swimming will all have a positive effect on your over-all health and your digestive health in particular.

Aging is one of the risk factors for many GI issues, a risk factor that none of us can avoid! But we can do everything possible to feel our best at every age – and exercise is one of the great equalizers. Moderate, regular exercise fights muscle loss, bone loss and helps keep us regular.

Before beginning a new exercise program consult your physician.

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