Rahul Dixit, MD

Dr. Rahul Dixit is a welcoming addition to the staff at Southern California Medical Gastroenterology Group.  His credentials and experience offer a dynamic fit for our practice.  He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine; he completed his residency in Internal Medicine and a double fellowship in Gastroenterology at the University of Miami and Hepatology/Liver Transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He is a board-certified specialist in Gastroenterology.

As a student, Rahul Dixit accumulated numerous honors, including the Distinguished Medical Student Service Award.  He graduated in top 1 percent of his undergraduate class and received the Phi Beta Kappa Award.  Thanks to his outstanding academic achievements, he is one of the most sought out providers in the medical field.

He has proven his willingness to serve and help his community. He became involved in the Earthquake Relief Clothing Drive for India and volunteered as a tutor, construction worker, and medical assistant in Africa.  He exemplifies our values of being dedicated and passionate providers for the people.

It is always important for a Doctor to continue to grow his medical knowledge; to that end Dr. Dixit has continued to research and write papers that not only improve his skills and ability to treat patients but, also, adds to the information available to gastroenterologists around the world.

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